GOSTEAM Summer School 2021

The GOSTEAM Summer School will take place in Marathonas (Greece), 4-9 July 2021 and it will give the opportunity to teachers and educators participating to exchange with their colleagues, experiences and practices in actual environments inside and outside the classroom regarding cultivating students’ cognitive abilities and skills, such as spatial thinking, problem-solving, and critical thinking, in the interdisciplinary context of environmental literacy and global awareness.
Moreover, teachers and educators can jointly produce hands-on activities in the framework of spatial thinking, as a blending of knowledge and skills, and share them with the educational community.
Ultimately, this course aims to provide ways for intercultural dialogue on how spatial thinking skills can be enhanced in different European educational practices.

The GOSTEAM Summer School is supported by the European School Innovation Academy. Learn more here:


E1-8 Multiplier Events

Eight multiplier events, held in various countries, aim to disseminate the GOSTEAM approach beyond the project partnership and provide opportunities for hands-on experience. Target audiences include secondary education teachers, teachers’ trainers, pre-service teachers, science center educators, educational policy makers and stakeholders.